2024-02-24: News Headlines

Ahmed Alqarout, Mondoweiss. (2024-02-24). Israeli Lies About A 'Land Bridge' To The Gulf Show Blockade Is Working. popularresistance.org Since the beginning of its genocidal war on Gaza, Israel's supply lines have been jeopardized. After Israel closed all its borders to imports headed to Gaza and struck the Rafah crossing to put it out of order, Hamas attacked the ports of Ashkelon and Ashdod, which were used to import oil and supplies used in the war machine, after which Israel had to halt port operations and shift ships to Eilat. | As the genocide in Gaza continued unabated, Yemen took part in the war by blockading Eilat's port, which forced Israel to relocate its supply lines to the port of Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea. Last month, Iraq annou…

newarab (2024-02-24). Egypt expanding wall on Gaza border amid Rafah assault fears. newarab.com Egypt is expanding a Videos emerged this week that allegedly show another stretch of fencing close to the Gaza border being constructed, amid fears that a planned Israeli assault on Rafah City could force hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into Egypt. | There have been reports that Cairo is clearing a 16 sq km border area to make room for the expec…

Mohamed Hashem (2024-02-24). War on Gaza: Scotland's Humza Yousaf calls on UK government to end arms sales to Israel. middleeasteye.net War on Gaza: Scotland's Humza Yousaf calls on UK government to end arms sales to Israel | Israel's western allies are facing increasing pressure to stop export licences as situation deteriorates in Gaza ahead of planned Israeli ground offensive on Rafah | | Humza Yousaf's call com…

David Cronin (2024-02-24). Bloodthirst of Israel lobby can't be quenched. electronicintifada.net European Leadership Network claims that Rafah attack is necessary.

Anna Lekas Miller (2024-02-24). 'Operation Al-Aqsa Flood' Day 141: Israel attacks civilian shelter in Deir el-Balah as ceasefire talks continue in Paris. mondoweiss.net Israeli forces attacked a building in Deir el-Balah where more than 120 people were sheltering, killing at least 24. Medical staff at nearby Al Aqsa Hospital expect many more casualties and are struggling to deal with the influx of wounded civilians.

Alison Glick (2024-02-24). Of families, mills, and gardens. mondoweiss.net "It is true that there are many people who prefer to flee and search for a safe place outside the Gaza Strip, but this is not the case for the majority of people…It is not easy to start life again away from a homeland that you love."

Salma Mousa (2024-02-24). In a continuous return to Jerusalem: a eulogy for Mustafa al-Kurd. mondoweiss.net Mustafa al-Kurd left an indelible mark on Palestine's genre of "committed singing," contributing to the music of the First Intifada through his "Give Me the Plow and Sickle," among other classics.

Editor (2024-02-24). Zionism and the annihilation of Gaza: The problem in Palestine is not political, but ideological. mronline.org All of this—the language of genocide, the genocide itself and the threats of committing a greater genocide—is rooted, not in a rational political theory, but in Zionism.

newarab (2024-02-24). Ignoring ICJ, Israel accelerates genocide by targeting UNRWA. newarab.com Despite the What it did rule, however, is that South Africa's accusation of

Mark P. Fancher, Black Agenda Report. (2024-02-24). Israel — Imperialism's MVP (Most Valuable Proxy). popularresistance.org In one of its finest moments, the African Methodist Episcopal Church recently issued a statement calling "on the United States Government to immediately withdraw all funding and other support from Israel." The statement goes on to accuse the U.S. of supporting "mass genocide," and it proclaims that "[t]he tools of empire, colonialism, and domination will not solve the problems they created." | As might be expected, the statement sent shock waves through Israel. The AME church is not alone in its public opposition to U.S. support for Zionist crimes. Many Black churches have drawn a line and proclaimed that their c…

newarab (2024-02-24). Bassem Youssef tells Arab-Americans: Abandon Biden over Gaza. newarab.com "The Democrats are blackmailing us. It's like if you don't vote for Biden, Trump will come. So what has Biden done for us? I coined a new name for Biden: Joe Geriatric Genocide Biden. The guy is not even good enough to be a genocide guy. He…

Cathrin Schaer, Al Jazeera. (2024-02-24). German Lawyers Sue Scholz, Alleging Complicity In Gaza Genocide. popularresistance.org Berlin, Germany — A group of lawyers is filing a criminal complaint with the German federal prosecutor against senior German politicians, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz, accusing them of "aiding and abetting" the genocide they say is being committed by Israel in Gaza. | The case against several members of the country's Federal Security Council, which directs national security policy and authorises weapons exports, was announced on Friday. | In addition to Scholz, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, Economics Minister Robert Habeck, Finance Minister Christian Lindner and others stand accused.

Ali Abunimah (2024-02-24). German leaders face criminal complaint over Gaza genocide. electronicintifada.net Berlin is providing political and military support to Tel Aviv's extermination of Palestinians.

teleSUR (2024-02-24). "Israel Commits Genocide in Gaza": President Lula Says Again. telesurenglish.net Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva affirmed at an event in Rio de Janeiro yesterday that "what the Israeli Government is doing to the Palestinian people is not war, it is genocide because it is killing women and children". | RELATED: | "This is genocide. Thousands of dead children, thousands missing. It's not soldiers who are dying, but women and children in hospitals. If this is not genocide, I don't k…

WSWS (2024-02-24). San Francisco artists protest Israeli massacres in Gaza by "vandalizing" their own works. wsws.org The artists unfurled a banner that read "Stop Funding Genocide." Several of them went to work on their own art pieces, using fake blood as well as paint.

newarab (2024-02-24). Netanyahu's post-war Gaza plans vows to close UNRWA. newarab.com

Caitlin Johnstone (2024-02-24). JOHNSTONE February Issue: Exposing The Ugly Reality Of War Crimes. caitlinjohnstone.com.au The February edition of JOHNSTONE is now available and ready to order or download, with this month's issue again focused on the destruction of Gaza and the plight of Julian Assange.

Caitlin Johnstone (2024-02-24). Israel Supporters Are Some Of The Worst People In The World. caitlinjohnstone.com.au Yesterday I It's just about the most awful thing you can imagine, tiny children being so traum…

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead (2024-02-24). Blindfolded protestors deliver poignant ceasefire message to High Peak MP. leftfootforward.org 'Mr Largan asked why we had semi-naked men blindfolded and kneeling on the ground, as though he had no idea of the relevance to Gaza.'

Staff (2024-02-24). US veto on ceasefire: US -Europe and Israel doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to Jews. muslimmirror.com By Latheef Farook A ten year old boy who lost his hand to Israeli bombing cried asking his mother" I do not have a hand now and how would I play ? What could the the starving mother who lost her husband and the three children to Israel bombing could say.?Wiping her tears she could …

newarab (2024-02-24). Israel strikes shelter in Gaza's Deir el Balah killing 24. newarab.com Overnight Alongside strikes on Deir el-Balah, Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that Israel carried out The strikes come after…

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-02-24). Israeli Aggression Against Gaza Continues for 141st Day. english.almanar.com.lb The ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip has continued for the 141st day, with the resistance showing no signs of backing down. Muhammad (2 months old) died today in Kamal Idwan Hospital due to malnutrition. Israel continues to cut off water and food, including infant formula milk, from two …

newarab (2024-02-24). Death by dialysis: The slow death of Gaza's kidney patients. newarab.com

Editor (2024-02-24). Netanyahu's Post-War Plans for Gaza Call for Military Occupation 'Without Time Limit'. scheerpost.com

teleSUR (2024-02-24). Israel Studies Draft Truce in Gaza. telesurenglish.net The ministers of Israel's war cabinet will vote tonight, according to all forecasts and by telephone, whether or not they support a still very abstract draft for a possible truce in Gaza. | RELATED: | According to Israeli media sources knowledgeable about the negotiations, last night there were "significant advances" in the negotiations for a possible truce and exchange of Palestinian political prisoners for Israeli h…

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-02-24). Video Shows Hezbollah Precise Missile Attack on Israeli Military Command's Headquarters in Kiryat Shmona. english.almanar.com.lb Hezbollah military media released a video which shows the Islamic Resistance operation targeting the command headquarters of the Eastern Brigade 769, affiliated with the Israeli enemy army, at Kiryat Shmona barracks. The Islamic Resistance announced that, in support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with their courageous and honorable …

newarab (2024-02-24). Palestine to call for Israel arms ban at UN after Gaza veto. newarab.com Palestine will present a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) calling for an The Palestinian Ambassador to the UN

UNHROHC (2024-02-24). UN Experts: Arms Exports To Israel Must Stop Immediately. popularresistance.org Geneva — Any transfer of weapons or ammunition to Israel that would be used in Gaza is likely to violate international humanitarian law and must cease immediately, UN experts* warned today. | "All States must 'ensure respect' for international humanitarian law by parties to an armed conflict, as required by 1949 Geneva Conventions and customary international law," the experts said. "States must accordingly refrain from transferring any weapon or ammunition — or parts for them — if it is expected, given the facts or past patterns of behaviour, that they would be used to violate international law.

newarab (2024-02-24). Arab proposal for Gaza could see Hamas-PLO integration. newarab.com Arab states are formulating a plan for The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (Kan) said the US was holding talks with Arab states, which it did not name, regarding the day after the war, in parallel with Washington informed Israe…

newarab (2024-02-24). MSF: Children in Gaza as young as five want to die. newarab.com

Elsy Fors Garzon (2024-02-24). The West only observes Israel's crimes, they say in Türkiye. plenglish.com Ankara, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) The president of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stated today that Western governments and the United Nations Security Council are limited to observe the crimes perpetrated by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

newarab (2024-02-24). 'Mass chaos among Israeli army in Gaza', says former general. newarab.com

newarab (2024-02-24). UK banks accused of funding Israel's war on Gaza. newarab.com Pro- On 15 February, protestors stormed the Manchester offices of Bank of New Yo…

newarab (2024-02-24). UK Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim bigotry 'soars due to Gaza War'. newarab.com Anti-Muslim hate incidents in the UK more than tripled following the outbreak of the Tell MAMA That was the largest recorded number of cases in a four-month period, said a statement from the organisation, which was set up to monitor and rep…

bwitanek (2024-02-24). Tammy and Andy Might Think They Are Running But They Are Sure Not Hiding Their Genociding! Feb 24 9 Am Rowan University! fightbackbetter.com View this post on Instagram A post shared by SJ for Gaza (@sjforgaza)…

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-02-24). Day 141: Palestinian Resistance Continues Heroically Confronting Zionist Aggression on Gaza. english.almanar.com.lb The Zionist massacres against the civilians in Gaza have continued to occur for the 141st consecutive day amid an international silence and complicity. During the past 24 hours, the health ministry in the Strip reported 104 martyrs and 160 injuries, raising the total aggression toll to more than 29500 martyrs and around 70,000 injuries. Israeli air …

Luis Linares Petrov (2024-02-24). Former Israeli PM criticizes Netanyahu's war-mongering policies. plenglish.com Tel Aviv, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) Partners of the messianic coalition led by Israel, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, want a total regional war, the Gaza Strip is only the first step, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert denounced.

albawaba (2024-02-24). Contrary to expectations, Antony Blinken criticizes Israeli plans! albawaba.com ALBAWABA – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently voiced his displeasure of Israel's intended development of settlements in the occupied West Bank, saying that such acts are inconsistent with international law, during a press conference while on a visit to Argentina.In the press conference, which he co-hosted with his Argentine counterpart Diana Mondino, Blinken answered queries about Israel's intentions for additional settlement growth as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "post-war Gaza" initiative. Blinken stressed that any proposed strategy must uphold basic values, such as keeping Gaz…

Tom Tanuki (2024-02-24). Australian media's greatest crime against Gaza is ignoring it. independentaustralia.net

Editor (2024-02-24). By deliberately derailing the Gaza vote, Starmer shames democracy and betrays humanity. mronline.org Wednesday was a day of shame for the House of Commons. Few powers around the world are more important in supporting Israel's genocidal attack on the Palestinians of Gaza than Britain.

Ahmed Aziz (2024-02-24). Sexual abuse and beatings: A Palestinian mother's ordeal in Israeli custody. middleeasteye.net Sexual abuse and beatings: A Palestinian mother's ordeal in Israeli custody | A woman abducted by Israeli forces from a school in Gaza recalls her harrowing experience in detention | | A Palestinian woman stands at the site of Israeli strikes on houses in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip, 14 Dec…

newarab (2024-02-24). MSF: Children in Gaza as young as five say they want to die. newarab.com

Agence France-Presse (2024-02-24). US opposes Israel 'reoccupation' of Gaza or any shrinking of Palestinian territory. scmp.com The remarks by top US diplomat Blinken came in response to a proposal by PM Netanyahu to give Israel's army 'indefinite freedom' to operate in post-war Gaza.

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-02-24). Palestinian Authority Rejects Netanyahu's Post-war Gaza Plan. english.almanar.com.lb The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry, based in the occupied West Bank, has categorically rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reported plan for…

Editor (2024-02-24). Ralph Nader: What the Mass Media Needs to Cover Re: Israel/Gaza Conflict. scheerpost.com

albawaba (2024-02-24). Retired Israeli general reveals catastrophic state of army in Gaza. albawaba.com ALBAWABA – An Israeli general who is now retired says that the Israeli army is in chaos and that the media doesn't show this: Israeli general Yitzhak Brik, who is now retired, said that getting the supplies and help with logistics that Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip need for the war is "a complete chaos."Brik told the Israeli newspaper Maariv that he has told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu many times that the army doesn't have enough troops or the right tools for war, and that soldiers haven't had training in five years.Brik said that they have gotten a lot of complaints from soldiers since October 7th. He…

newarab (2024-02-24). Pro-Gaza 'From the River to the Sea' projected onto Big Ben. newarab.com

WSWS (2024-02-24). Netanyahu outlines plans for de facto Israeli annexation of Gaza. wsws.org The plan envisages Israeli military buffer zones inside Gaza on all its borders transforming the enclave into a giant prison campaign overseen by a Palestinian puppet regime composed of representatives acceptable to Israel.

WSWS (2024-02-24). Netanyahu outlines plans for de facto Israeli annexation of Gaza. wsws.org The plan envisages Israeli military buffer zones inside Gaza on all its borders, transforming the enclave into a giant prison camp overseen by a Palestinian puppet regime composed of representatives acceptable to Israel.

Luis Linares Petrov (2024-02-24). Lebanon condemns illegal construction of Israeli settlements. plenglish.com Beirut, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) The Lebanese Foreign Ministry condemned the illegality of the construction of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, which hinder a just, comprehensive and lasting peace.

newarab (2024-02-24). Syrian Baath Party official 'kidnapped by Israel' at border. newarab.com

Editor (2024-02-24). Israel lobby and its media enablers threatening academic freedom on campus. mronline.org Universities must be places where criticisms of official discourses, dominant worldviews can be voiced without fear of reprisal.

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-02-24). Israeli media: Two missiles fell in Admeet area, Western Galilee. english.almanar.com.lb

INFOsperber (2024-02-24). Ruchama Marton: A voice from Israel against hatred and revenge. pressenza.com It is 20 years now that we accompanied the Mobile Clinic of Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHR‚ÄëI) on a mission in the West Bank and the Negev for our documentary film "1000 Women and a Dream".* Back then, we portrayed Israeli psychiatrist Ruchama Marton, who has been campaigning against Israel's claims to power and in favour of equal rights for all people living between Jordan and the Mediterranean since her military service in the 1950s. She founded PHR‚ÄëI in 1988 in response to the lack of healthcare in the occupied territories. | By Gabriela Neuhaus | Since then, mixed t…

Hekmat Aboukhater, MintPress News. (2024-02-24). Deconstructing H.R. 3202: Israel's Persistent Role In Sanctioning Syria. popularresistance.org On February 13, the U.S. House of Representatives deliberated on Resolution 3202, the "Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act of 2023." The following day, the House passed the bill with a 389 to 32 bipartisan majority. Now, the bill moves on to the Senate, where it will most likely pass with similar bipartisan support and a ringing endorsement from President Biden once it reaches his desk. | The bill was pushed with a veneer of Syrian support represented by the advocacy of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) and the Syrian American Council (SAC) — Syrian opposition groups in the U.S. While its aims seem, at…

newarab (2024-02-24). Two paramedics killed in Israeli strike on south Lebanon. newarab.com Two paramedics were killed in an The paramedics worked for the Islamic Health Association, a Hezbollah also announced the death of one of its fighters from Blida on Thursday, but it did not specify whethe…

newarab (2024-02-24). Nova festival-goer wrongly killed by Israeli forces on 7 Oct. newarab.com

RT (2024-02-24). Defund UN and Give Cash to Israel — US Lawmaker. dissidentvoice.org US Representative Matt Gaetz speaks at the CPAC conference on Friday in suburban Washington. © Celal Gunes/Anadolu via Getty Images US Representative Matt Gaetz has called for withdrawing from the UN and cutting off funding to the global body to free up money to support Israel's war effort against Hamas. Speaking at a Conservative Political …

newarab (2024-02-24). Israel to build 3,300 new settlement homes after attack. newarab.com

english.almanar.com.lb (2024-02-24). US-British Airstrikes Target Yemen's Hudaydah Province. english.almanar.com.lb In a bold move, the United States and the United Kingdom have launched fresh airstrikes on positions in Yemen's western province of Hudaydah. The strikes were declared as a response to ongoing attacks by Yemeni Armed Forces on Israeli-affiliated commercial vessels in the Red Sea. According to Yemen's official Saba news agency, multiple airstrikes hit …

Martha Grevatt (2024-02-24). Palestine solidarity wins at UC Davis. workers.org University campuses have become a major battlefield for the Palestine solidarity movement in the U.S. Students and faculty who support Palestinian liberation have been subjected to doxxing, university discipline, arrest, firings and more. School administrators, even if they are not anti-Zionist, have been removed simply for not being strong enough . . . |

newarab (2024-02-24). Record number of Palestinians displaced in West Bank: report. newarab.com Palestinians were displaced from Around 4,000 Palestinians were displaced last year from policies impleme…

newarab (2024-02-24). The Palestinian woman running for Jerusalem's city council. newarab.com

Clotilde Bigot (2024-02-24). World Report] New centres to bring emergency care closer in the West Bank. thelancet.com Increased violence and tightened security have further hampered access to care for many in the West Bank. Clotilde Bigot reports from Ramallah.

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2024-02-24). Agencia de ONU para refugiados de Palestina está al borde del colapso. telesurtv.net La suspensión de la ayuda de 16 países donantes significa que sin nuevos fondos, las operaciones de la Unrwa en toda la región de Oriente Medio se verán gravemente comprometidas.

Bárbara Gómez (2024-02-24). Continúa Gaza bajo fuego del ejército israelí por mar, aire y tierra. radiohc.cu Ramala, 24 feb (RHC) Decenas de palestinos murieron o resultaron heridos en las últimas horas como consecuencia de la campaña del ejército israelí contra la Franja de Gaza, que entró hoy en su día 141.

teleSUR, dcdc, JDO (2024-02-24). Exigen ante CIJ fin inmediato de crímenes israelíes en Gaza. telesurtv.net El representante de Omán, Abdullah Al Harthi, dijo que el mundo asiste "desde hace cuatro meses a una de las peores atrocidades y actos de genocidio de los tiempos modernos".

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2024-02-24). Presidente de Brasil acusa a Israel de no hacer guerra sino genocidio. telesurtv.net El mandatario aseguró que está a favor de la creación de un Estado palestino libre y soberano.

teleSUR, lvm, YSM (2024-02-24). Siria alerta sobre las políticas agresivas de Israel. telesurtv.net Ammar Al-Ersan insistió en que Israel debe se juzgado y condenado por sus atrocidades.

teleSUR, dcdc, JDO (2024-02-24). Expertos de la ONU piden embargo global de armas a Israel. telesurtv.net Señalaron que EE.UU. y Alemania son con gran diferencia los principales exportadores de armamento a Israel, con un aumento de sus envíos desde el inicio de la ofensiva el 7 de octubre.

teleSUR, JDO (2024-02-24). Hezbolá ataca sede de administración local israelí. telesurtv.net En un comunicado, la milicia chií precisó que lanzó dos drones con explosivos contra las oficinas del ente, situadas a diez km de la frontera con Líbano.

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2024-02-24). Realizan multitudinaria marcha en solidaridad con Palestina en Yemen. telesurtv.net Mediante un comunicado, bendijeron a los líderes políticos que calificaron a EE.UU. y Reino Unido como entidades hostiles a la nación yemení.

teleSUR, jaa, JGN (2024-02-24). Continúan manifestaciones en apoyo a Palestina. telesurtv.net En Yemen, una vez más, miles de personas salieron a las calles para exigir el fin de los ataques contra Palestina por parte de Israel.

teleSUR, dcdc, JDO (2024-02-24). Concluye visita de Hamás a Egipto para negociaciones de tregua. telesurtv.net Esta prevista una reunión este viernes en París, Francia, entre el jefe de los servicios de inteligencia de Estados Unidos, Israel y Egipto, además del primer ministro de Catar.

teleSUR, nbb, DRL (2024-02-24). Ataques israelíes contra Gaza dejan decenas de muertos y heridos. telesurtv.net En Rafah, al sur de Gaza, aviones de combate israelíes bombardearon dos casas, resultando en la muerte de cinco civiles y heridas a otros…

teleSUR, DRL (2024-02-24). Avanzan negociaciones para posible tregua en la Franja de Gaza. telesurtv.net En la negociación participaron el director del Mosad, David Barnea; el jefe del servicio de la inteligencia interior (Shin Bet), Ronen Bar, y representantes del Ejército.

teleSUR, JCM, MER, SH, JGN, JDO (2024-02-24). Minuto a minuto del asedio israelí contra la Franja de Gaza. telesurtv.net Suman ya 140 días de ataques constantes de las fuerzas de Israel contra el pueblo palestino en Gaza y Cisjordania.

teleSUR, nbb, JGN (2024-02-24). Denuncian a Alemania por contribuir al genocidio en Palestina. telesurtv.net La organización de abogados y activistas propalestinos, Law for Palestine, destacó la responsabilidad de Alemania y otros países en prevenir el genocidio.

teleSUR, JCM, MER, SH, JGN, JDO (2024-02-24). Minuto a minuto del asedio israelí contra la Franja de Gaza. telesurtv.net Son más de 130 días de ataques constantes de las fuerzas de Israel contra el pueblo palestino en Gaza y Cisjordania.

teleSUR, hvh, JDO (2024-02-24). Más de 29.500 personas asesinadas por ataques israelíes en Gaza. telesurtv.net Durante las últimas 24 horas las fuerzas de ocupación cometieron diez masacres con un saldo de 104 muertos y 160 heridos.

teleSUR- jaa, DRL (2024-02-24). Israel bloquea más de 18.000 toneladas de alimentos para Gaza. telesurtv.net Desde inicios de este mes de febrero la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) ha denunciado el bloqueo de la ayuda humanitaria en el puerto mentado.

greenleft.org.au (2024-02-24). Palestine, South Africa activists to address Ecosocialism 2024. greenleft.org.au

greenleft.org.au (2024-02-24). Actors and doctors talk about building the Palestine campaign at work. greenleft.org.au

Labor Video Project (2024-02-24). Biden & Pelosi Protested in San Francisco's Pacific Heights for Supporting Gaza Genocide. indybay.org Hundreds rallies in San Francisco's Pacific Heights to protest Biden and Nancy Pelosi for their support for Israel's genocide in Gaza. Biden was in town to get contribution from the billionaires. There are over 80 in Pacific Heights and the Bay Area.

Doro-Chiba (2024-02-24). Stop the war in Ukraine! 2/24 Shinjuku anti-war demonstration Against Genocide In Gaza. indybay.org As part of a global day of action on the 2nd year anniversary of the Ukraine war actions are taking place in Japan and throughout the world.

Merve Berker (2024-02-24). 'If That's Not Genocide, I Don't Know What Genocide Is': Brazilian President Says On Gaza. indybay.org "It is a genocide. Thousands of children are dead and thousands are missing. Soldiers are not dying. Women and children are dying at the hospital," he said at an event in Rio de Janeiro, adding: "If that's not genocide, I don't know what genocide is."

Angela (2024-02-24). Friday 2/23: Palo Alto: Silent vigil for ceasefire in Gaza and Ukraine. indybay.org 855 El Camino, Palo Alto, CA | corner of Embarcadero and El Camino, on the public sidewalk just outside Town & Country Village, in front of the big lamppost "sign"

haberler (2024-02-24). Trachtenberg: Israel Has Launched 'Genocidal Campaign Of Extermination' In Gaza. indybay.org Barry Trachtenberg, the Rubin presidential chair of Jewish history at Wake Forest University in the state of North Carolina, said following the attacks on Oct. 7 by the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, that Israel has employed extremely disproportionate violence against the civilian population in the Palestinian enclave, noting Israeli leaders held all Palestinians living in Gaza responsible for the attacks.

Hank Pellissier (2024-02-24). Thursday 2/29: "Let Gaza Live" – RACCOON event at Ferry Building Plaza. indybay.org Ferry Building Plaza – between the two monuments…

Rania Abu Shamala (2024-02-24). Academic From Gaza: We Started At Islamic University In Tents, We May Have To Start Again. indybay.org "We have the will and faith in our ability to resume the educational process immediately after the war ends, and we have done so before," he said. "I was at the Islamic University (at its founding in 1978), and we started there from tents, and we can return from tents again."

UCLP (2024-02-24). Travis Base Major Transport Base For Weapons To Israel & Ukraine. indybay.org Travis AFB is the largest military transport base of weapons to Israel and Ukraine. There will be an international day of action on the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine at this base on 2/24/24…

Angela (2024-02-24). Friday 2/23: Virtual Teach-In: How Palestine & the U.S. Immigration Industrial Complex are Connected. indybay.org

Angela (2024-02-24). Saturday 2/24: San Diego Peace Vigil for Palestine. indybay.org Entry to Ocean Beach | Sunset Cliffs Blvd and W Point Loma Blvd | San Diego, CA…

Angela (2024-02-24). Wednesday 2/28: USCPR Phone Zap: Honoring Black-Palestinian solidarity. indybay.org

Angela (2024-02-24). Sunday 2/25: Santa Rosa Protest for Palestine. indybay.org Courthouse Square | Santa Rosa, CA…

Angela (2024-02-24). Saturday 2/24: Virtual event: In Water & Light: Poetry Vigils for Palestine. indybay.org

Angela (2024-02-24). Saturday 2/24: Free virtual screening of the documentary film "Jews Step Forward" indybay.org Zoom (Registration link is below)…

Angela (2024-02-24). Sunday 2/25: Monterey: Community Art Build for Palestine. indybay.org Windows on the Bay Park, Del Monte Beach, Monterey…

Angela (2024-02-24). Saturday 2/24: Stanford Rally for Palestine. indybay.org Meet at Bishop Auditorium | Stanford, CA…

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Mexicans rally in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. presstv.ir Hundreds of protesters take to Mexico City's Paseo de la Reforma avenue in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, demanding an immediate ceasefire in the territory.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Gazans mourn 10 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes. presstv.ir Palestinians in Rafah mourned 10 people who were killed overnight in Israeli airstrikes on southern and central cities of Gaza.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Conditions worsen for displaced Palestinians in Rafah neighborhood. presstv.ir Israel prepares for its ground invasion of Rafah.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). US aircraft aiding Israeli war of genocide: Hamas. presstv.ir Hamas says the United States carries out reconnaissance missions over the Gaza Strip to help out the Israeli regime's ongoing genocidal war against the territory.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Feb. 23: 'Axis of Resistance' operations against Israeli occupation. presstv.ir Amid Israeli genocide in Gaza, Palestinian and regional resistance groups continued their operations against the regime and its Western backers on Friday, February 23.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Brazil's outspoken Lula stands ground, asserts Israel committing genocide in Gaza. presstv.ir Brazil's president repeats his recent assertion that the Israeli regime is committing genocide in Gaza.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Iran's Leader slams US for 'brazenly vetoing' Gaza truce resolution. presstv.ir Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has denounced the US for "brazenly vetoing" a UN Security Council resolution to stop the ongoing Israeli genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Israel announces plan for 3,300 settler units amid Gaza genocide. presstv.ir The cabinet of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced plans to build more than 3,300 new settler units in the occupied West Bank.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Four Norwegian universities cut ties with Israeli institutions over Gaza genocide. presstv.ir Four Norwegian universities have decided to suspend ties with Israeli universities they deem complicit in the Israeli regime's genocidal war in Gaza.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). South Africa urges countries to testify at ICJ against Israel. presstv.ir "As South Africans, we see, hear, and feel deep within ourselves the inhumane discriminatory policies and practices of the Israeli regime," Ambassador Vusimuzi Madonsela said.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). UK Parliament vote on ceasefire in Gaza. presstv.ir Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the British Parliament demanding their representatives endorse a Scottish National Party call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Jordanians take to the streets in support of Gazans. presstv.ir Crowds in Jordan took to the streets of Amman protesting in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Palestine rejects Netanyahu's post-Gaza war plan, says Gaza part of future state. presstv.ir Palestine has categorically dismissed Netanyahu's 'day-after' post-Gaza war plan, stressing that the blocked Palestinian territory will be part of a future independent state with al-Quds as its capital.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Two more Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza. presstv.ir Two more Palestinian journalists have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, pushing the death toll of press members targeted by Israel since October 7 to 132.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Yemenis come out in their millions in solidarity with war-hit Palestinians in Gaza. presstv.ir Millions of Yemenis rally across the country again to display support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are enduring a genocidal Israeli war.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Palestinians dying of hunger as world watches in silence: Gaza official. presstv.ir "The suffering of citizens in Gaza and the north is worsening daily, as thousands of them are waiting to die either due to hunger or Israeli targeting."

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Hezbollah conducts new strikes against Israeli military sites. presstv.ir The missile strikes are carried out in solidarity with the Palestinians of the besieged Gaza Strip.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). IRGC chief commander: We believe in Gaza's victory. presstv.ir The IRGC's chief commander says the Islamic Republic believes in the Palestinian resistance's victory in the face of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Destruction, Gazans bury loved ones in Nuseirat refugee camp. presstv.ir Gazans in the refugee camp of Nuseirat inspect the damage and bury their dead after a strike.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). FM: Iran, Pakistan need to implement recent security agreements. presstv.ir The Iranian foreign minister says Iran and Pakistan should implement agreements to broaden security and anti-terror cooperation.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Arms exports to Israel must stop immediately: UN experts. presstv.ir A group of UN experts has warned that any arms exports to Israel that would be used in Gaza are likely a violation of international law and must stop immediately.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Iran: Israel's rejection of Palestinian state exposes its 'ugly face'. presstv.ir Iran has says Israel's rejection of a Palestinian state disproves the occupying regime's previous claims about peace with Palestinians and resolution of the decades-long conflict.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Arms transfer to Israel must stop immediately: UN experts. presstv.ir UN experts say any transfer of weapons to Israel is likely to violate international humanitarian law.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). US, UK launch new airstrikes on Yemen in support of Israel. presstv.ir The US-British military coalition has conducted multiple strikes against targets in Yemen's strategic western province of Hudaydah, with no further details about any casualties quickly available.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Indian port workers will not handle Israel-bound cargo. presstv.ir Indian ports and dock workers unions from various major ports called on their members not to handle any of the ships carrying weapons and other military equipment to the Israeli regime.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Further escalation if Israel restricts Al-Aqsa Mosque entry, Hamas warns. presstv.ir "Let our enemy know that souls are boiling … [our] anger is imminent," Hamas stated.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Iranian lawmakers at Baku event urge economic sanctions on Israel. presstv.ir It was the 14th plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) in the capital of Azerbaijan.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters march in Madrid. presstv.ir Around 3,000 people attended the demonstration, according to the government delegation.

presstv.ir (2024-02-24). Iraq says West Asia won't be stable without resolution of Palestine issue. presstv.ir President Abdul Latif Rashid says it is imperative to realize the rights of the Palestinians to self-determination and independence.

teleSUR (2024-02-22). Venezuela: Death Toll Rises to 16 in Bolivar Mine Collapse. telesurenglish.net The death toll after a mine collapse in the town of La Paragua, Angostura municipality, has risen to 16, the governor of the Venezuelan state of Bolivar, Angel Marcano, announced on Thursday. | RELATED: | According to Marcano, the teams continue with the rescue work in the illegal mine La Bulla Loca, as well as the integral support to those affected. | Madelein García, teleSUR correspondent, confirmed from the scene of the ac…

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